Kuno Wildlife Sanctuary

Kuno Wildlife Sanctuary which is also known as Palpur - Kuno Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in Sheopur district of Madhya Pradesh. It is located 140 Kms from Gwalior and has area of approx 345 square kilometres with a buffer of additional 900 square kilometers.

Kuno has been selected site for lion & cheetah rehabilitation project. Currently Asiatic lion are found only in Gir wildlife sanctuary in Western Indian state of Gujarat. Cheetah, which once roamed much of northern plains of India, became extinct in 1948. Plans to reintroduce them from Iran is underway.

The Kuno has the potential to hold populations of all four of India's big cats the tiger, the leopard, the Asiatic lion as well as the cheetah, all four of which have coexisted in the same habitats historically before they were wiped out due to over hunting and habitat destruction.

Kuno is currently home to, tiger, Indian wolf, jackal, leopard, langur monkey, blue-bull, chinkara and spotted deer.

Best time to visit

November – June

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