A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the spectacular group of temples at Khajuraho, built by Chandela dynasty between 9th and 10th century, are one of the seven wonders of India, second only to the incredible Taj Mahal.

Khajuraho’s exquisitely carved stone temples depict erotic art at its best and are considered as a celebration of love, life and human passion. A complex of about 25 Hindu and Jain temples, they reflect the best of medieval Indian architecture.

While the brilliant architecture and symmetry remains a point of amazement, the Khajuraho temples mainly in the limelight because of the incredible erotic art and carvings. Although the erotic sculptures make for just 10% of the temples, the temples have become synonymous with love and erotica.

The most impressive of the temples is the Kandariya Mahadev, which represents the pinnacle of North Indian temple art and architecture. It is remarkable for its grand dimensions with over 800 sculptures, depicting gods and goddesses, beasts and warrior, sensuous maidens, dancers and erotic scenes for which the Khajuraho temples are famous.