Picturesquely sited on the banks Narmada river, Maheshwar is an important Hindu pilgrimage center. It was the site of ancient city of Mahishmati, mentioned in classical Sanskrit texts.

Maheshwar beautiful ghats and temples were erected by Queen Ahilyabai of the Holkar dynasty in the mid-18th century.

The 1.5-km long river front is dotted with shrines, ghats and the elegant cenotaphs of the Holkar rulers. A magnificent fan-shaped stairway leads from the river front to Maheshwar fort’s royal enclosure, and the Ahilyeshwar Temple, built in 1978. The richly carved courtyard, leading onto the palace, has an impressive statue of Ahilyabai.

Also within the fort is the Rehwa Wavers’ Society, where the famous gossamer fine Maheshwari cotton and silk textiles are woven.