Chinkara Journeys is associated with Aakanksha School in Raipur, an extraordinary institution that helps under-privileged children with special needs reach their full potential. This non-profit making organisation teaches children basic self-help and vocational skills, helping them fit more easily into society, and where possible finds them work placements. It has an outreach project that works both to assist families with special needs children in rural areas, and to educate villagers in an attempt to challenge prejudice. 

Chinkara Journeys not only helps the institution financially but one of our founder members, Surbhi Agrawal, works there as a volunteer. We encourage any guests who have some time in Raipur to visit the school.

We encourage every guests who are passing through Raipur to visit the school and spend some time with the kids. 

For more information about the school, please click here.