We are locals and we know how Central India works.
Unlike most tour companies, which are either located in metros or abroad, we are based in Raipur, Chhattisgarh in Central India. Our strategic location helps to get the first hand information that can play important role in the success of the tour: be it a change in national park rules and regulations or something as simple as the discovery of a fine new restaurant.


Far-flung places brought to life by that extra bit of super-local knowledge.
One of the core competencies of Chinkara Journeys is our use of local knowledge for each destination. We feel this is of the utmost value and firmly believe it is the key to a successful and an ethical tour. A local guide can enliven every walk with local folklore, snippets of gossip, names of plants and their medicinal uses. Most importantly, particularly in remote villages, our guide is thus our host, showing us around his or her area. This helps to make our tours an experience of cultural exchange rather than a brutish trample through someone else's way of life.


We know both the hidden gems to treasure, and the pitfalls to avoid.
We are passionate about what we do and we love to travel. Our team members have travelled extensively in India both as tourists and tour operators. We have also worked as hotel managers, run camps in jungle and administered marketing campaigns. With years of on the ground practical experience, our experts know what is suitable for which area at which time of the year, for which type of people.


See the world your way.
We believe every person is unique and so are their ideas, interests and style of travel. We take this very seriously in order to understand what you want from your tour so we can design the best experience for you rather than simply asking you to choose from set options. Our skilled team pays detailed attention to your every need, interest and expectation in order to formulate the best tour for you. Our consultants are not paid on commission and so offer you impartial opinions.


High standards and the value for money.
Chinkara Journeys is committed to a high level of quality appropriate to 21st Century travel expectations. Our international target market is those who have come to expect high standards from Indian tourism.

We understand the needs of foreign visitors to India for which we have established quality control standards and procedures and ensure strict adherence to those standards from our vehicles to local guides and the accommodations we use.

We take great care to ensure that our tours are the best value for money in the business, and we know that outstanding value means ensuring that all of the ingredients are right. Many of the inclusions in our tours are the result of years of careful research to get the right balance of quality and adventure that is best suited to our travellers.


Friendly and approachable staff.
With Chinkara Journeys, you are dealing with a small, compact and friendly team whom you will know by name from the time of first contact. The same team member might well accompany you as a tour leader!

When you travel with us, you always have our full support and back up, as our management team is on hand 24/7 in case of any difficulties or emergencies.

We are committed to looking after you, from the moment you touch down in India to the moment you fly back, and providing you with a journey that will leave you wishing you could do it all over again.


Out-of-the-way places that guidebooks don't know and many tourists never have the chance to see.
At Chinkara Journeys we strive to show a genuine India without any glossy touristic notion. Apart from hitting the major highlights of a destination, we firmly believe one has to look beyond the regular tour itinerary curriculum to experience the real India. And we do our best to showcase this in each tour, which may consist a tranquil home stay where the owner is your host and guide, or taking you to isolated village where no other tourists go, just to interact with the locals and share a meal.


Take only photos leave only footprints.
Chinkara Journeys operation is to encourage appropriate tourism activities of a high standard while taking into account the views and economic aspirations of the locals and protecting the natural and cultural heritage of India. We ensure that our operations benefit the host communities and local and national economies as well as having a minimal impact on the natural environment. To us that doesn't mean high-profile gestures, it means working responsibly with our suppliers on a continuous day-to-day basis, and giving them long-term support. 

As a perquisite, criteria of our accommodation selection are chiefly based on their responsible tourism policies. We specifically pay attention to the lodges and camps that we use, located around national parks for their waste disposal and eco-tourism policies which should include the benefits to the local community. 

Our guides and tour leaders, when visiting religious place or local village, always make sure the interaction between the guests and host community is within the culturally permitted parameters which include social and religious customs. 

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Ask us for free
We earn our keep on commission from our suppliers, therefore all our expert advice comes to you free of charge.